For more intense results try the following: Ensure that your lashes are dry and free of oil (Note: many make-up removers contain oil!). Apply the Colour Gel with the brush to your lashes like you would apply mascara. Afterwards also apply the product from above to the lash line, so that every hair from root to tip is completely and evenly covered with Colour Gel. The Colour Gel is absorbed by the hair. After two minutes, remove residues with a dry cotton bud or a cosmetic tissue by wiping the lashes between thumb and index finger. Remove the Colour Gel as gently and thoroughly as possible.

Now give the hair time to dry thoroughly: We recommend waiting 5 minutes before applying the Developer Gel for more intense results.

After 5 minutes apply the Developer Gel with the application stick. Your lashes should be completely covered from root to tip. Please note, that the Developer Gel should be transparent when getting in contact with hair; therefore please wipe the application stick with a cosmetic tissue before using it again. Work precisely in order to avoid staining the skin.

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